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Loads of configurations will be available with up to four players using 4 different devices. Indeed, besides the regular gamepads, it will be able to connect various apparatuses, such as smartphones, PC’s or tablets to allow over 60 different game modes.

Game console for local multiplayer.

We wish to bring real interactions between loved and close ones back over a video game. WAZO is first and foremost a console dedicated to local multiplayer: 4 players will thus be able to connect simultaneously. Furthermore, some games will have either a solo mode or an online multiplayer one or both.

How does it work?

The WAZO creates a network to which every device can be connected to, via WIFI, Bluetooth, or USB. Once the connection has been established, the smartphone, the tablet and the PC (laptop or desktop) get the requests sent and receive the images via WIFI. The gamepads (the WAZO gamepad or another manufacturer’s) transmit the information via Bluetooth or through a USB cable. In order to play with a gamepad, you will require a TV connected with a HDMI cable.

frequently asked questions

How to play?

1 – Application WAZO

We play via the WAZO application, downloadable from Google Play, Apple Store, Windows Store or our website.

2 – Network connexion

Upon the opening of the application, your device will look for the network of the WAZO console and connect to it.

3 – First connected

The first connected player controls the navigation interface. The other players simply have to wait for the game to start to play together.

Create your own games

Once a game has been purchased, every player can modify the official version. That modification can be carried out via an application that you will be provided with on your PC.

Your game versions will be available for free on the WAZO game platform, and will be downloadable only by those who have acquired the official version of the game. Furthermore, the modified versions will not affect the official one, they will take extra storage memory. If you uninstall or delete the original version, the modified ones will be uninstalled or deleted as well.
Game Storage

Only the installation of the application is necessary for the connected devices. Games are exclusively stored in the console.

Test and validation

Each and every game will be tested and approved by our teams in order to provide players with a quality gaming experience.

Acquiring games

Only the installation of the application is necessary for the connected devices. Games are exclusively stored in the console. They will only be available in dematerialized version, downloadable from the Cloud.

Remastered games

Some popular games will be able to be remastered or modified to be adapted to the console. In order to get the agreement of the studios, we will need the support of a huge and active community.

Selling one’s games back

The WAZO platform offers to take back your activation keys for 20% of their values. Your account will therefore be credited with that amount to allow you to purchase other games. Only games that have been purchased will be able to be sold back.

Hackers are welcome !

The console will have the characteristics of a PC and a router. Here are some technical points about the console itself:

AMD processor and graphics card

Coming soon !

LINUX operating system

Royalty free !

RAM and Flash memory

4GB RAM to handle the data of launched games. 256GB of internal flash memory to store your games.


HDMI port to connect a TV


WIFI 802.11 n/ac one to connect PC’s, smartphones and tablets and another to access to internet.


Bluetooth LE 4.0 to connect the gamepads.


4 USB ports 3.0 to connect gamepads, hard drives, gadgets and so on.

SD card

1 Card SD port to store your saves, your shared data and so on.


4 LED’s each turned on LED corresponds to a connected device/player.

Pourquoi WAZO ?

To experience again the fun and pleasure of local multiplayer.

To play with a  multiple platform without overloading its storage capacity.

To enjoy more than 60 different configurations.

Let us develop together unforgettable games!

If you are yourself or know a game developer, scriptwriter, designer, if you have some experience in the video game industry, or know someone who does and could be interested, don’t hesitate to contact us at :

WAZO: The multi-faceted console.

Thanks to your contributions, we will be able to develop and improve our concept. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what we intend on doing with the gathered money:


Keep the website and the gaming platform up-to-date.


Form the future game developers and help them design games.


Ensure communication on social media, high-tech conventions and so on.


Continuously improve the console (hardware and software).


WAZO came to be from the will to rewrite the video game standards.

Albayrak Furkan

Founder & CEO

Albayrak Selçuk


Albayrak Fatin


Albayrak Cihad

Marketing Manager

Join us for this adventure.