New console WAZO


General points

WAZO is pronounced as Wha– like in What followed by –Zo like in Zone.

Your Wazo console includes everything you need to play. The pack consists of:

  • A WAZO game console
  • A power cable
  • An HDMI cable

Since the gamepad is not necessary to play with the WAZO console, it is sold separately.

You can play most games without additional accessories. However, some games will require accessories or specific devices, sold separately.


The WAZO console is first and foremost dedicated to local multiplayer. Four players can connect simultaneously.

Some games offer online modes, those modes will not generate extra costs.

Yes, it is possible to surf the web like on a computer.

The WAZO console has an internal memory of 256 GB, a part of which is affected to the functioning of the console. You can also increase the storage capacity of the console by using a hard drive, a flash drive or an SD card.

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Here is a list of the different devices that can connect to the console:

– The WAZO gamepad as well as the ones of your other consoles connectible by Bluetooth or USB. For an optimal experience, the WAZO gamepad is recommended.

– Smartphones via Wifi, depending on some compatibility criteria with the application

– Tablets via Wifi as well, and according to the same terms as those related to smartphones.

– A computer via Wifi, through an application.

Of course it will!

WAZO is a console dedicated to multiplayer games, but will also offer games with a solo mode as well.

4 players. We are looking forward to later increasing the number of connected players.

In local multiplayer, the latest generation consoles only allow 4 ways of playing:

  • 1 connected gamepad
  • 2 connected gamepads
  • 3 connected gamepads
  • 4 connected gamepads

With WAZO, each player can use a different device, according to the following configurations:

  • 1 connected gamepad
  • 1 connected gamepad + 1 connected smartphone
  • 1 connected gamepad + 1 connected smartphone + 1 connected computer
  • 2 connected smartphones + 1 connected tablette
  • 3 connected computers + 1 connected smartphone
  • 4 connected tablettes

There are more than 60 possible combinations and ways of playing!


It will be possible to buy games on the online platform and to download them on your console.

Some games will be available for free for a limited period of time. Those will not be able to be sold back.

We hope we will be able to offer you all kinds of games from horror FPS to platform games.

We also wish to develop games with brand new gameplay mechanics. Our purpose is to put forward interactions between players.

Some games will indeed favor the use of specific platforms more than others.

More than a hundred games are already planned. Till they are marketed, you need to be patient !

There will at least be a new game every week.

Once the game has been purchased, every player can modify the official version and share it for free on the WAZO gaming platform. To be able to play the modified game, you will need to purchase its original version.


Don’t hesitate to contact us at to talk about yourself, your ambitions and/or your company. We would love to discuss with you and exchange ideas.

The entire WAZO community is already a part of the team. The competent people willing to join the crew can contact us at


Our objective is to go beyond frontiers by commercializing the console worldwide. In order to achieve that goal, a specific AC adaptor will be delivered on demand along with the console. Also, we will endeavor to breach the language barrier by offering a very large number of translations of the instruction manuals and of the games.

Once the funding required for the construction of the console has been reached, it will take roughly 12 months for you to get your console. Our teams set their minds on providing you with the best possible product !